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Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1505


Ruth Thorne has been nominated as a Presidential candidate for CUPE local 1505.

Hello friends,
I let my name stand for nomination of president on November 9 2022, because I want a
chance to do the job differently from when I was the vice president (November, 2017-
December, 2021). I have stayed on as a shop steward and have always been willing to
help the local with remaining grievances, etc.
In my VP experience, I was successful in helping many grievors with issues like:

  • Non-selection (not getting a job when qualified),
  • Wrongful dismissal,
  • Disguised discipline in expectation letters,
  • Contracting out of jobs,
  • Duty to accommodate,
  • Freedom of Information applications,
  • Discipline (too often the employer took one side of the story).

Unfortunately, grievances take a long time which is disheartening for the grievor and the union. With truly little control on the process, it would be my goal as president to shift the focus more on spending my time and energy with the employees rather than the employers. I would commit to more site visits on all shifts to engage with all employees who are “boots on the ground.”

The paid positions of VP and President cannot service 1200+ members by themselves, therefore, I will commit to engaging unit chairs and shop stewards to help and give them reasons to want to volunteer.

We need a comprehensive “welcome to CUPE 1505” process as we have casuals, temporary workers and even full-time employees who do not know they are in CUPE 1505 by default.

I will seek all the resources from CUPE National (i.e., job evaluation, member to member conflict, ideas for when grievances are not working) to get what we pay for – which is approximately $999,000 a year.

I still:

Have advanced computer skills that help me be efficient in this role.

Commit to ensuring members have a safe and healthy place at work.

Am authentic and trustworthy and will treat any issue as if it were happening to me.

Have working knowledge of all six collective agreements and policies of each unit.

All members of CUPE 1505 pay union dues which in turn pay the VP and President. If you, as a boss, of CUPE 1505 want someone like this working for you, please vote for me as your President on November 9. Please email me at ruthforpresident@outlook.com if you have any questions, comments, book a visit, etc.

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