Wood Buffalo In Solidarity

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1505

Vote for Craig Milley, Presidential Candidate for CUPE local 1505

Craig Milley has been nominated as a Presidential candidate for CUPE local 1505 and currently serves as the President for CUPE local 1505.


  • Renovation of meeting area in rear of Union Hall
  • Updated Bylaws 2 times in 2 years
  •  Introduction of new election process with advanced voting, and for all members to have the
    ability to vote creating a true democratic election
  • Consistency of Unit Membership Meetings
  • Addition of Lead Shop Steward and Health Officer for a higher level of support
  • Change to the ratification process ensuring members have 7 days to review a memorandum of
    settlement prior to being required to vote to accept or decline
  • Reduction in Union Dues from 1.85% to 1.75%
  •  Implementation of Hybrid Meetings (online and in-person) to ensure anyone who want to
    participate is able to do so.
  • Implementation of mass texting system and restructure of mass email system for a higher level
    of communication
  • Increased Members in Good Standing from 58% to 84% through improvements to
    administration of membership application and documentation.
  • Upgraded a large amount technical hardware and software to provide a higher level of support
    due to having the ability to be more time efficient
  • Ensured all processes were executed for Bill 32 compliance, and the Local remains in compliance
    with all legislation.

Legislation/Benefits knowledge and experience

  • Alberta Human Rights Act
  • Canadian Human Rights Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Alberta Employment Standards
  • Canadian Labour Standards
  • Workers Compensation
  •  Sun Life
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Desjardins
  • Bill 32

Local Specific knowledge and Experience

• Fort McMurray Airport Authority Collective Agreement
• Regional Recreational Corporation Collective Agreement
• Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Collective Agreement
• RMWB Transit Collective Agreement
• Wood Buffalo Housing Collective Agreement
• Rotary House Collective Agreement
• CUPE Local 1505 Bylaws
• CUPE Constitution

Experience in Union Process

  •  Collective Bargaining
  • Fact Finding/Investigation Meetings
  • Witness Meetings
  • Grievance Hearings (all levels)
  • Informal and Formal Mediation
  • Mediation Arbitration
  • Arbitration
  • Unfair Labour Practice
  • Alternative Business Cases

Other Union Experience/Education

  • Secretary Treasurer Orientation
  • Challenging Racism
  • Leading as a Team
  • Various Bill 32 Workshops
  • Introduction to Stewarding
  • Fort McMurray District Council (CUPE 9131) – Recording Secretary (current)
  • Fort McMurray District Council (CUPE 9131) – Trustee (previous)
  • Member of the Social Committee
  • Member of the Renovations Committee (while committee was active)
  • Member of the Membership Support Committee
  • Member of 4 Bargaining Committees (2 active)

Email: electmilley@gmail.com

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