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Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

  • CUPE is Canada’s largest union
  • CUPE represents public sector workers
  • More than 700,000 members

CUPE in Alberta

  • Approximately 182 Bargaining Units (Groups of workers belonging to a our Union)
  • CUPE members are service-providers, technicians, labourers, skilled trades people and professionals. More than half of CUPE members are women.

Who is CUPE 1505?

  • You and your colleagues belonging to a 1505 Bargaining Unit.
  • CUPE Local 1505 has 6 units: RMWB (includes Fort Chipewyan), RRC (Mac Island), Transit, Airport, Wood Buffalo Housing, and Rotary House.

What is a Collective Agreement?

A Collective Agreement is a legal, binding document between the Union and the employer that outlines the working conditions, payment of wages, benefits, rules of work and the obligations of both parties to the agreement

What Does the Union Do?

The foundation of the Union are the Collective Agreements. Elected members bargain with the employers to achieve these agreements.
Union members are given the ability to make formal, written complaints (grievances) when the Collective Agreement is being violated. They can do this individually or with the support of other members, usually Shop Stewards or elected Executive Members.

Members who go through Shop Steward Training are given processes and guidelines to holding their coworkers and employers accountable when the collective agreements are being violated.

What Can You do for your Union?

  • Take Shop Steward Training
    • Information is available at cupe1505.org/training when Shop Steward Training is happening
  • Read your Collective Agreement
    • If you know and understand your collective agreement, this empowers you to know how you should be treated and compensated.

What’s in it for you?

  • Representation
  • Access to grievance procedure
  • Healthy workplace
  • Fair compensation for work assigned
  • Voting rights
  • Meetings
  • Union functions
  • Financially healthy union
  • Union education

CUPE Local 1505 Executive

  • President Craig Milley
  • Vice-President, Nikki Peddle
  • Health Officer, Karen MacDonald
  • Acting Chief Shop Steward, Ray Shaw
  • Recording Officer, Amanda Benoit
  • Financial Officer, Helen Yu
  • Communication Officer, Crystal Clark
  • 1 Year Trustee, Lorna Long
  • 2 Year Trustee, Florence Maeko
  • 3 Year Trustee, Sizwie Mpofu
  • Membership Officer Deanna Cameron
  • Wood Buffalo Housing Corporation Unit Vice-President, Melissa Helm
  • Wood Buffalo Housing Corporation Rotary House Unit Vice-President, Heather McGinnis
  • Regional Recreation Corporation Unit, Marlon Dumaguin
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Unit Vice-President, James Hawkins
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Transit Unit Vice-President is vacant
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Fort Chipewyan is vacant
  • Fort McMurray Airport Authority Unit Vice-President, Dennis North
  • Communications Committee Members: Natasha Meller & James Walker

What is the role of the CUPE local executive?

The Local 1505 Executive is elected by the membership and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the local and its Collective Agreement

Union Committees

  • Negotiations/bargaining
  • Grievance (consists of Shop Stewards)
  • Bylaw
  • Membership Support
  • Social

Shop Stewards (Union Representatives)

  • Shop stewards are your frontline representatives and your link to the local Union executive.
  • Stewards will listen to your ideas, suggestions and concerns and liaise with your CUPE local
  • Your voice in the union
  • Members have a voice, informally and formally
  • You can contact members of your CUPE executive or your Shop Steward
  • In your local membership meetings, you have a say in contract/negotiation proposals
  • In your local membership meetings, you have a vote on your Collective Agreement
  • In the annual general membership meeting (November), you vote for executive officers

Monthly meetings

  • All CUPE Locals across Canada meet on a monthly basis.
  • CUPE Local 1505 holds its membership meetings on the second Wednesday of every other month at 7:00 p.m. at the Golden Years Society facility on Main Street

Contact the Union

Web: cupe1505.org
FB: CUPE 1505 Wood Buffalo
Twitter: @cupe_1505

Key Documents to Have …

Found at http://www.cupe1505.org:
Collective Agreement
List of CUPE contacts
Shop Steward Contact List
Union membership card – arrange to pick up at Union Hall

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