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Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1505


October 3 Election Nomination Meeting

It is that time of the year again that we will be holding the second annual Election Nomination Meeting on October 5, 2022 at 7:00 pm. In accordance Section 6 of the CUPE 1505 Local Bylaws, the Annual General Meeting will take place on November 9, 2022. 

We invite all members to attend both meetings. The following offices are open for election this year. President, Recording Officer, Health Officer and Communication Officer. The term of office shall be 2.5 years in accordance with Section 9 of the CUPE Local 1505 Bylaws. 

Nominee speeches will be held at this meeting with each nominee being allowed 5 minutes to address the membership. Following this period, a question and answer period will commence. Each member will be allowed 2 minutes to ask a question to either an individual nominee, or any number of nominees. Nominees will be allowed 3 minutes each to respond to the question. The question and answer period shall not exceed 45 minutes. 

No nominations will be accepted after nominations are declared closed at the Election Nomination Meeting. 

An Election Committee will also be elected at this meeting. The Elections Committee shall consist of a Chief Returning Officer and 2 assistants. 

You may nominate or accept a nomination either by attending the meeting or in advance. For advanced nominations, or acceptance of a nomination, please email admin@cupe1505.ca. 

Electronic Ballots will be released for voting no later than October 28, 2022. You will have the convenience of voting from any electronic device between the time the ballots are released and 12:00 pm noon on November 9, 2022. Manned polling stations will also be set up for 3 days in Fort McMurray, 2 days in Fort Chipewyan and 1 day in Anzac for those who have any difficulty with the process. Times and dates of the manned polling stations will be announced by the Elections Committee no later than October 26, 2022. 

This meeting will be hybrid, so you are able to attend either virtually via zoom or in person. To attend in person, please come to the following address:
380 MacKenzie Blvd Unit 4E
Fort McMurray Ab. 
T9H 4C4

To join by Zoom you will be required to register for the meeting in advance which enhances the security of the meeting and helps reduce delays in verifying members entering the meeting remotely. We ask that you register as soon as possible to reduce the number of last minute registrations to be processed. Once registered, we will verify you are a Member in Good Standing and a link will be sent to you to join the meeting. Do not share this link as it will be registered to your name and everybody’s access link is different, doing so would have multiple people trying to login with the same name, which could result in denial of access. 

In Solidarity, 
CUPE Local 1505 Executive

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