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    20.01 Acting Opportunities

    Acting opportunities for less than fourteen (14) days shall be offered to a qualified employee at work according to a rotating list in order of seniority. The Employer will maintain and post the list within the work area. The first employee on the list shall have the first opportunity and whether the employee accepts, declines, or is unavailable shall be deemed to have had their opportunity.

    This collective agreement should be eliminated in the new collective agreement.
    In road: The A B &C list should also be eliminated.
    It gives the supervisor the opportunity to put anyone they prefer to the A list at their discretion, without regard to seniority. Or disregard the work experience of an employee.
    Here at road, it creates a very toxic environment. As an employee who as ben working for RMWB for 10,15 or 20 years and plus have to go out and fill up Pothole, and the other employee who has only been working for RMWB for five years is driving around in a pickup truck supervising the workers who has been working for RMWB for 10,15,20 year and plus feeling up pothole. It is unsafe. It turned the employee stomach upside down.
    I personally witnessed an employee puking on the way out to the yard.
    It is disgraceful and humiliating.
    The acting opportunities should always be given to the most senior (seniority) employee.
    If a most senior (Seniority) employee shall not accept the acting position, then it should be given to the least senior (Seniority) employee.
    All of my coworker I talk to agree with this statement. Even one of my supervisors those not agree with the rotating list and the A, B, & C list.

    1. Hi,
      I forwarded you comment to the President and VP to look into.
      Kindest regards,

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